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We offer a wide range of business applications and services. Our experience gained through project implementation has allowed us to prepare an offer that is aligned with the demands of different industries.

We encourage you to see and test the solutions we provide in our technology LAB. Using virtualisation, we can model every operating system and application configuration that mirrors the client’s environment. Thanks to that, you can get to know all options before the final implementation.

Contact us. Our IT engineer will introduce you to the possibilities our LAB offers, and answer all your questions.

Infrastructure security

In its portfolio, Komputronik Biznes carries products by top providers which help find vulnerabilities and construct optimal solution scenarios. Each implementation is preceded by an audit carried out by our certified engineers, with full support from our technology partners.

We offer comprehensive tools for availability management and IT infrastructure security, including distributed and cloud computing.

Business applications

Software that supports resource management streamlines business processes and, as a result, reduces costs. Komputronik Biznes has vast experience in the implementation of software from leading providers (BPM, CRM, DSM, ERP, BI, CC, etc.) based on specialised knowledge and advanced technology. We also have a wide portfolio of our own products tailored to each client’s individual needs, along with our client testimonials.



Komputronik Biznes recommends the simplification of business IT infrastructure through dynamic management of clients’ IT resources. We can provide you with public, private and hybrid cloud solutions. We offer a comprehensive analysis of the IT environment and we choose the virtual environment parameters according to its requirements. We can collocate IT infrastructure, share computer performance and resources dedicated to data storage by using certified data centres.

Backup and archiving

The aim of backups is to secure the original files in case of data loss events caused by equipment failure, crashes caused by improper usage, accidental data erasure or power surges. Backup copies are put on digital information storage systems, such as magnetic tapes or multiple-use array resources (read/write). Backup systems may also be used to secure workstations, notebooks or mobile device resources.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices are often managed by different operational systems, communication services providers, and companies. Not all of them, however, provide a basic level of security. MDM systems were designed to manage and secure the data on employees’ mobile devices in any organisation.

MDM software integrates all mobile devices with the network infrastructure in your business and enables remote configuration. Currently, MDM systems are implemented in the wider context of enterprise mobility management.

Other options provided within our MDM system include: the force password change/generation, creating policies for groups of devices, locating/blocking/memory clean in case of a device loss, and over-the-air configuration and application distribution. Ensuring the appropriate security level in MDM solutions is possible through data and device encryption, containerisation and malware detection.