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Movarch eSala is a modern and comprehensive software solution, which includes an application for Audio-Video (AV) signal management intended for operating rooms and surgeries, as well as all other places where patients’ treatment should be documented, such as ICUs and recovery rooms. The system gathers, saves and shares the AV signal from IP cameras placed within the space of the operating room and from medical imaging equipment (endoscope, angiography device, etc.)

The system also makes it possible to control, save, process and archive all AV signals and images using IP technology.

Benefits of Movarch eSala:

  • record keeping and archiving of all medical procedures
  • possibility for direct image transmission from the operating room to anywhere within the hospital and outside of it
  • sound and image transmission from operating to conference rooms
  • on-line medical teleconsultations or “on-demand” at a later date
  • training materials for medical universities to learn from “real” medical records and video documentation of medical procedures
  • easy integration with HIS system
  • quick access to video archive for diagnostic and training purposes

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