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We advise on choosing the best solutions for corporate clients and institutions ranging from office equipment and server room design to advanced solutions for data centres. We implement modern IT infrastructure (including blade servers, SAN networks, virtual IT infrastructure, backup systems), that increase the productivity, cost efficiency and agility of each business.

Servers, disc arrays, NAS

We deliver the top providers’ servers designed with the IT environment security in mind, and a possibility of their development, keeping the price in line with the efficiency. We provide effective solutions that combine advanced options of data storage and management based on an effective architecture with automated management and scalability possibilities that blade servers offer. We advise our clients on choosing the servers that ensure expected productivity, flexibility and a wide range of options with regards to physical space, power and cooling. We also have servers for both small- and medium-sized companies and for the advanced IT environments in data centres available in our stock.

We also offer servers from the Komputronik ProServer family. Thanks to the carefully-developed architecture based on top providers’ redundancy components, our solutions minimise the risk of crashes, downtimes, and guarantee data security.

We provide comprehensive security and quick access to data processing based on hyper-converged system and disc array technologies chosen on the basis of the existing IT environment audit and the needs of our clients.

We design and provide solutions within the Network Attached Storage (NAS) technology that makes it possible to connect disk memory resources directly to a computer network. This allows for easy access to data kept in one place from various access points.

We offer post-implementation support provided by our support specialists, including the maintenance of hyper-converged, server and disc array infrastructure, as well as training for system administrators. See what our clients say about our server solutions. .

LAN/WAN/WLAN + UTM networks

The network is the key element of the information and communications infrastructure in any business. Each network’s quality, efficiency, and reliability decide how basic tools, such as email, network resources, business applications (CRM, BPM, DMS, ERP) work. Business network and unified threat security determine the security of the whole business.

At Komputronik Biznes, we design, implement and support IT network infrastructure (LAN, WAN). Our offer includes network switches and routers for any business. We also have a vast experience in setting up wireless networks (WLAN). Our certified Komputronik Biznes IT engineers overlook each phase of network infrastructure design, implementation and maintenance.

Each network must be scalable, secure, failure-resistant and easy to manage. We always begin with finding out the current and future needs of each client. The architecture of our solutions guarantees network security and its development in the future. To make this possible, our projects include solutions based on Software Defined Network (SDN) technology.

We have specialist equipment along with experience and procedures at our disposal that help us in each network infrastructure audit, and we analyse if the network is vulnerable to hacking and possible data leaks (DLP – Data Leak Prevention). We perform measurements and we discuss the results with the client to choose the right topology and best type of network adjusted to each implementation. We can also analyse the current state of wireless networks and point to the places that require improvement by exposing overloaded access points and points of strong signal interference.

We offer post-implementation support provided by our IT engineers, infrastructure maintenance services and training for system administrators. Our network services are available in Poland, including cities such as Gdańsk, Poznań, Wrocław, Warsaw, Katowice and Cracow.
Our strategy is that any client, anywhere, can request Komputronik Biznes network services.

Notebooks, desktops, tablets, business phones

We have a wide offer of laptops, desktops, tablets and phones aligned with the needs and expectations of our clients. We provide network services in the whole country, including cities such as Gdańsk, Poznań, Wrocław, Warsaw, Katowice and Cracow. The business products we offer are suitable for prolonged and efficient work, and they are equipped with additional tools for stationary and mobile device management.

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