Our services - Komputronik Biznes - Integrator rozwiązań IT

The knowledge and experience of our engineers, developers, advisors, and our nationwide network of IT support specialists enable us to provide professional IT services to our clients and allow them to focus on their business.

We’ll guide your business through the digital transformation, starting with the IT resources audit, to providing hardware and software services and support.

  • To perform an audit, we create maps of the current processes and we optimise them
  • We prepare and implement actionable suggestions and best practices to support the change in business processes
  • We offer IT tools aligned with the scale and field of each business
  • We identify and explain how cost centres and project delays work and where they originate
  • We improve business efficiency and help shorten the duration of processes which, as a result, increases asset turnover

We provide a help desk team that monitors the infrastructure and IT systems in business units. Our qualified staff of IT engineers and support specialists ensure that service-level agreements are fulfilled.

We carry out infrastructure and IT systems audits, and provide on-site warranty and post-warranty services on a regular basis. We also take care of return merchandise authorisation (RMA) of products provided by other vendors.