Process audit and consulting - Komputronik Biznes - Integrator rozwiązań IT

Our process audit services include:

  • Creating a map of the existing processes and optimising them
  • Designing and implementing actionable suggestions and best practices supporting the process change in each business
  • Providing IT tools adjusted to the scale and field of each business
  • Identifying where cost centres and project delays originate
  • Improving efficiency and reducing operational time
  • Reducing the purchase budget, capital needs, and providing an optimal payment schedule
  • Eliminating bottlenecks, downtime, accumulation and queues in business processes, while at the same time increasing business efficiency, production potential and reducing investment financing costs
  • Offering more control over costs and expenses

Contact us:

Włodzimierz Urbański
Sales Support Team Manager

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Bartosz Szygenda
Sales Support Engineer

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