Wdrażanie, integracja i utrzymanie systemów informatycznych (budowa dedykowanej sieci) - Komputronik Biznes

Our recipe for success is engaging in the communication process and dialogue with our clients, the specialist skills of our consultants, engineers, project managers and developers, and our experience in IT systems integration.

The solutions we offer are tailored to the needs of our clients and we ensure integration with existing systems. We specialise in building and configuring computer and SAN networks, IT environments dedicated to efficient server and data centres management, implementing solutions based on server and workstation virtualisation, and cloud services.

Each IT system implementation or integration has a dedicated project manager who is responsible for its execution. We use a clear project management model drawing on top project methodologies. We use established methods for services quality measurement on each phase of the project.

We provide maintenance and support during and after the warranty period, in accordance with the Service Level Agreement.

“The implementation team of Komputronik Biznes prepared a precise and comprehensive plan of our company’s resources migration to a new IT environment – from delivery to installation, booting and migration, to testing the new environment. What’s important, the IT equipment was reduced to two servers, which facilitates energy conservation and saves space. Virtualisation based on the Hewlett Packard Enterprise hardware, and the software offered by Komputronik Biznes allowed us to eliminate possible downtimes and disruptions in our company’s processes.”

– Przemysław Kirchner, Head of IT Department, PHZ and ITH INTREX Wanda Szperlińska.

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