IT system audits: processes and systems optimization - Komputronik Biznes

We carry out IT audits, including infrastructure, software licencing, help desk, and maintenance and support audits. This way, we collect information about IT systems and their interaction, and we verify the business justification for the current IT infrastructure maintenance service. First, we determine the scope and schedule of an audit, which influence the duration and effect of the whole process. The result of our audit is the list of actionable suggestions for the analysed IT area that we include in the post-audit report.

The areas we examine:

  • IT Infrastructure – the aim of this audit is to define the physical and configurational state of the whole IT infrastructure. This includes all network environments (LAN, WAN, MAN), servers, workstations, data backup, server and desktop virtualisation (VDI), etc.
  • Applications – the audit of this area includes the examination of all business applications, virtual environments and system software. We also verify identity management to see how it aligns with IT security, backup creation, access management and the correct licence management.
  • Processes – this area includes the examination and optimisation of processes and the preparation of the IT infrastructure for implementing the suggestions included in the audit report.
  • Organisation of IT environment – the aim of this audit is to assign employees to their correct roles and define the scope of their duties. Special attention is drawn to the experience and skills of the IT team.

Maintenance and Support audit – we focus on the inventory of all current Maintenance and Support agreements and we verify if they align with the current business needs (SLA conditions). In the event that we suggest any changes, we point out their direct influence on critical systems that support business processes and we define potential risks and suggest how they can be minimised. The aim of this audit is to have optimal SLA parameters and a portfolio of M&S agreements to maintain the IT infrastructure.