Warranty Information - Komputronik Biznes - Integrator rozwiązań IT

  1. The scope of this Warranty applies to products purchased on the terms of sales contracts between Komputronik Biznes Sp. z o. o., with address and its registered office in Poznań, 60-003 Poznań, Wołczyńska 37, entered in the Register of Enterprises kept by the Poznań-Nowe Miasto i Wilda District Court in Poznań, 8th Commercial Division of the National Court Register, at KRS no. 0000008979, with the NIP tax identification number 895-17-44-690, REGON no. 930321320, and a share capital of 5 010 000,00 PLN (fully paid), and its Customers
  2. The Warranty is effective in Poland.
  3. Komputronik Biznes Sp. z o. o. (the Guarantor) provides the Purchaser with a warranty that the product identified in the proof of purchase will function efficiently. Information on the warranty period can be found in the guarantee specification table (marked with xx, where xx means the number of months) and is counted from the product’s purchase date. Products with a Manufacturer’s Warranty marked in the specification table as “GOxx” are not subject to the Guarantor’s warranty and should be serviced only in locations recommended by the Manufacturer, Distributor or Importer, in accordance with the conditions enlisted in the warranty card provided with the product.
  4. The Guarantor is obliged to repair the defective product. In case it is impossible to repair the product or it would be cost ineffective to do so, the Guarantor may replace the defective product with a new one or refund its purchase price. If the product qualified for replacement is unavailable, the Guarantor is authorised to replace it with its newer mode.
  5. The Purchaser must keep a proof of purchase obtained from the Seller and, in case of submitting a claim based on the Guarantor’s warranty, attach the proper documentation.
  6. The warranty is automatically void:
  7. When the warranty period expires;
  8. In case of any alteration, modification, supplementation, or exchange of the product or any of its parts by the Customer or any persons other than the Guarantor;
  9. In case of improper use of the product or such use that does not follow its Guarantor, Manufacturer, Distributor or Importer’s recommendations;
  10. In case of lack of proper product maintenance that was recommended by its Guarantor, Manufacturer, Distributor or Importer;
  11. In case of any damages and defects arising from: harmful radiation, any mechanical damages, electrical short, in case the seal has been damaged, breached, broken or the product’s serial number has been defaced in a way that makes identifying the product impossible.
  12. This Warranty does not cover maintenance recommended in the product’s manual, exchange and repair resulting from the normal wear and tear of the product’s parts, replacement of consumables parts (also batteries), as well as software installation and configuration.
  13. The product’s defect is reported by the Purchaser and the claim processing initiated when the Guarantor receives the defective product and a claim statement reporting the damage from the Purchaser. The reported damage is then subject to the Guarantor’s verification.
  14. The Guarantor verifies the warranty claim no later than within 14 business days from the date of its receipt. In case the defective product or any of its parts need to be sent to a specialised service centre, this period can be extended to 28 business days.
  15. The Purchaser is obliged to deliver the defective product to the service point at his/her own expense. In case of failure to submit the warranty document (copy), the proof of purchase and the defect description (RMA form filled) along with the product, the Guarantor reserves the right to deny warranty repair should the Customer fail to fulfil the warranty conditions. If during claim processing and the verification of the defective product or its parts the Guarantor identifies that the conditions of the granted warranty have been breached, especially if the physical or legal properties of the product or its parts have been modified, the Purchaser will be informed and the defective product will be returned. The Purchaser is then obliged to cover the Guarantor’s expenses.
  16. The Guarantor discharges the obligation to inform the Purchaser about rejecting the warranty claim in writing.
  17. The Guarantor is not obliged to provide the Purchaser with a replacement product for the claim processing period.
  18. The Purchaser should deliver the defective product to the Guarantor in the original packaging in which the product has been collected by the Purchaser with all elements that were provided to the Purchaser with the product ¬– documentation, drivers and cables in particular. The Purchaser can deliver the defective product in a replacement packaging provided it ensures adequate security during transport.
  19. The Purchaser is obliged to archive the data on the data storages. The Purchaser assumes full responsibility for the data kept on the data storages. In case the Purchaser delivers additional accessories, data storages, or software with the defective product, he/she must submit a written acknowledgement of that responsibility. Full responsibility for the potential loss of the above-mentioned elements also lies with the Purchaser.
  20. In case there’s a breach of warranty conditions, the Guarantor reserves the right to dismiss the claim.