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IT Security

Have you ever wondered how important are your data, ERP software and client databases, contracts and orders archive or accounting software database? How much is the IT security of your business worth?

The above-mentioned data is priceless, as nowadays, information is the core of any business. Access to information seems to be so simple that we don’t really consider the possible ramifications of data loss, creating backups of critical IT systems, or what processes support IT security.

At Komputronik Biznes, we think about those things every day. Caring about the security of your business, we test, implement and audit IT environments. We focus on a professional approach to ensuring IT security by providing network security systems, such as antivirus protection and firewalls, and services including archiving and creating data backups, IT security audit, DRC (Disaster Recovery Centre) and online DRC, identity management and the newest IT technology – cloud-to-cloud backup. We adjust our services to your personalised needs transforming the IT environment you already have.

The money you spend on preventing IT threats and data security is an investment in the stable and balanced growth of your business.

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